Road Trip Rescues

Road Trip Rescues Road Trip Rescues Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit rescue. Our main goal is to bring together sweet, forgotten adoptable dogs with kind humans who are willing to provide our rescues with forever homes. We work to accomplish this by saving dogs and puppies from euthanasia at kill shelters, assisting owners in rehoming their pets, taking in local strays, and assisting the local animal control officers by finding foster and forever homes for their charges.

We first make sure all of our rescues are vetted and healthy, and then work on socializing these babies who may have been very traumatized by their previous life. Our rescues are loved as our own while they are with us, and live with us as family. We are not breed specific, nor do we care about size, age, or disabilities, we love them all and work hard to make up for those who may have wronged them. We evaluate their needs, temperament, and quirks, and use this knowledge to help find the perfect match. Our goal is for your home to be the last home for these furkids, a place for them to live out their lives with love and kindness, which they will return to you every day. Thank you for inquiring about our rescue babies!

Adoptable Pet List