Adoptable Pet List


Adopting a Friend

Adoption Application

For the safety and happiness of our rescues, we require an application be filled out and a contract to be signed. Our wish is to place these babies once and forever.

Please fill out the application completely in order to be considered.

All vet references WILL be checked to see if your current pets are up to date on vaccinations and spayed/neutered, with some possible exceptions. We will review your application and contact you as soon as we possibly can. Please understand that we are a home-based rescue, and for the safety of our family we will not provide our address to anyone who is not an approved adopter with a completed application on file. THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING TO ADOPT, NOT SHOP!


Why We Require an Adoption Fee

In order to continue rescuing and to transport, feed, house, and vet the dogs/puppies that we save, we have to charge an adoption fee. We are not gaining profit from this fee in any way. We are pulling, transporting, feeding, vetting, medicating, and caring for many dogs/puppies that are homeless and so in need. All of these expenses come out of our pockets and from the relatively modest adoption fees. Believe us, rescue is a money loser, especially when caring for some very sick puppies and dogs as we have in the past. We are constantly in the red, but to us rescue is so, so rewarding. Please understand that in order to keep rescuing we absolutely have to charge an adoption fee. Remember, you are helping us to help the less fortunate, you are not "buying" the dog or puppy that you are taking home.


What to Expect When Adopting

When you adopt a shelter pet, you should be aware that we do not always know the background of the animal. We also cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided to us by the pound/shelter/rescue from where our pups came. We are happy to pass along any observed behavior during the dog's stay with us, but offer NO guarantees once the animal leaves our rescue.

Illness is a part of life in any shelter, pound, or rescue. While we take many precautions to ensure you are adopting a healthy dog or puppy, occasionally issues arise that are beyond our control. If an animal is showing obvious signs of illness of any kind, it is documented and placed on appropriate treatment. Occasionally an animal will not be showing visible signs of illness and is presumed healthy at the time of adoption. Please understand that once you sign the adoption contract, all veterinary/medical bills from that point forward are the responsibility of the adopter, and there will be no reimbursement of any medical expenses by Road Trip Rescues Inc.

When you first take your new friend home, please remember that a sudden change of surroundings and any change of food can sometimes cause loose stools. This usually resolves on its own in a few days. If it does not, please check with your veterinarian. Also, the dog or puppy may be a bit confused at first, and an ''accident'' in the house may occur even for fully housetrained dogs!

Please remember that dogs are generally very eager to please, and may only need a kind voice and consistency in routine to learn what is expected of them. Be patient, and use kindness. Don't rely strictly on your new dog to make the determination of whether or not the adoption will be successful. It takes effort, time, patience and love on your part, too.

AII dogs/puppies in our rescue have been treated for common internal parasites, but this does not mean that they may not require several treatments before the problem is completely rectified. Please be prepared to deworm your puppy again if needed. AII dogs have received at least one vaccine for distemper, and if old enough, for Rabies. If over 6 months old, all will also be heartworm tested. Also, we try our best to have our puppies spayed/neutered before leaving our rescue. If they are not old enough, we will require a spay/neuter contract and a $50 deposit, refundable upon proof of spay/neuter by 6 months of age.